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Ajanta India Limited has been at the forefront of pioneering innovations in CFL and LED lightings that will help build a better future for individuals and communities across the globe. We at Ajanta, brighten up your lives with lighting technologies that will transform this world into a more sustainable and accommodating one. Here we unlock the incredible saga of a metamorphic team whose potential helped achieve unparalleled transformation in energy-efficient products thus being able to bring out productive, efficient and inspiring

Benefits of led lights

Energy Savings

The highly efficient LED lighting technology has taken the world by storm and has paved the way for future savings on power consumption. Ajanta LEDs use upto 90% less energy than the incandescent lighting thus having the greatest potential impact on energy savings in each household and business establishment

Life Span

Ajanta LED lightings last longer than other types of lights thus resulting in fewer replacements. This reduces the resources needed for its manufacturing processes and hence lowers the carbon emission. Also, frequent switching on and off of LED lightings has no negative impact on it

Non Toxicity

LED lightings contain no toxic elements unlike the other lights that are unsafe for our environment. Ajanta LED lightings are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. They do not require any combustible gases to produce light thus lowering the CO2 emissions and helping in stepping towards a greener future

Light Distribution

LED lightings focus light in one direction thus enhancing the quality of light distribution. A high-quality level of brightness can be achieved by a fewer LED lights thereby reducing the energy consumption. LED lights reach full brightness instantly without the requirement of a high-voltage power source
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results straight away. Now, we are pretty sure that you are convinced by
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